5 Reasons You Need to Ride a Hot Air Balloon NOW | Balloons Above the Valley - Balloon Rides Near Me

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last century, you know that riding a hot air balloon is a thing. And it’s especially a thing in Napa. From lift off to landing, hot air balloon rides are a truly special experience. So before you look up “balloon rides near me”, check out these 5 reasons you need to ride a hot air balloon:

  1. It’s a nod to history. Hot air ballooning has its origins in 220AD, when the first balloons were actually Chinese lanterns, unmanned. The concept is the same. In 1783, the first manned flight took place and soon after, hot air balloons were used for observation as a military strategy. You’ll feel that history when you fly in a hot air balloon. It really is like taking a step back in time. And when you fly with Balloons Above the Valley, you’ll actually fly with the original hot air balloon pioneer company of Napa. Owner Bob Barbarick was the first to journey the Valley via Balloon! So if you’re searching for balloon rides near me, check out the first hot air balloon company in Napa!
  2. The feeling of lift-off. Everyone always talks about what it’s like once you’re up in the air, but before that is actually lifting off the ground. That emotion once you’re finally airborne and slowly rising is really unmatched. It’s like the part on a roller-coaster when your rise higher and higher to the peak of the ride. The anticipation before is quite thrilling.
  3. And the feeling of floating among the clouds once you’re at max height. Once your pilot reaches his max height, you will be one with the wind and sky. You’ll take a deep breath and feel the clean Napa air hug you. A hot air balloon ride has that ability to stun you with silence and overcome you with peace.
  4. The views are incredible. Napa Valley is gorgeous from the ground, but can you imagine how unbelievable it is from the sky? The pictures look good but they don’t do it justice – you’ll feel like a spec surrounded by green hills and mountains, with sweeping vineyards below and glistening bodies of water.
  5. It’s the perfect celebration and gift. Such a special event is ideal for a birthday gift, romantic date, corporate outing, wedding event, and so much more! Impress you’re date and sweep them off their feet (literally) into the sky! Perhaps work life is getting stale? Plan a corporate outing and ride a hot air balloon with coworkers. Consider gifting a balloon ride to someone for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, wedding gift, or just as a fun surprise!

The truth is there are a lot more reasons to ride a hot air balloon than we can count. Perhaps the one that is most important is the memories. Hot air balloon rides offer memories that will last a lifetime, that you can look back at and smile thinking of the beauty, the wonder, and the fun. If you’re searching for hot air balloon rides near me, remember to fly with the pioneer of Napa, Balloons Above the Valley.

And if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to float in a Chinese Lantern, this is your moment.