Passenger Meeting Location & Times

Passenger Meeting Location

Lobby of the Napa Valley Marriott
3425 Solano Avenue / Napa, CA 94558

For directions to the Napa Valley Marriott, please see our Directions page


Passenger Meeting Times

Meeting Times 2016
Month Passenger Meeting Time
January 7:00am
February 1st – 9th 7:00am
February 10th – 29th 6:45am
March 1st – 12th 6:15am
March 13th – 19th
(Spring Ahead)
March 20th – 31st 6:45am
April 1st – 10th 6:30am
April 11th – 30th 6:00am
May 1st – 15th 5:45am
May 16th – 11st 5:30am
June 5:30am
July 1st – 31st 5:30am
August 1st – 16th 5:30am
August 17th – 31st 6:30am
September 1st – 15th 6:15am
September 16th – 30th 6:30am
October 1st – 16th 6:45am
October 17th – 31st 7:00am
November 1st – 5th 7:00am
November 6th – 15th
(Fall Back)
November 16th – 30th 6:30am
December 1st – 15th 6:45am
December 16th – 31st 7:00am

(Meeting times are subject to change; please call our office at 800-464-6824 to confirm passenger meeting times)