Choose BATV for Hot Air Balloon Rides Near San Francisco

San Francisco is a tourist destination, as well as a starting point for other interesting tourist spots such as the Wine Country. After all the sight-seeing and dining in the downtown, you’d sometimes crave for some adventure. So how about hot air balloon rides near San Francisco? Fortunately, the Wine Country — where the Napa Valley is located — is a great place to enjoy hot air balloon rides due to it’s expansive and absolutely stunning landscape. This is really best viewed through flying a Continue reading →

Staying Safe During a Honeymoon in Napa Valley

In order to have an enjoyable honeymoon in Napa Valley, as all the other purposes of traveling in the wonderful Wine Country, one has to stay safe. Going around vineyards and to wineries are part of the must-do’s on your list of Napa activities. In order to remain safe during your wine tours, you have to avoid getting drunk, especially if you’re expected to taste a lot of wines. Spit the samplings of wine into a spitoon instead of gulping them. So what happens when Continue reading →

Napa Wine Tour Package: Is Lunch Included?

Napa wine tour packages may or may not include meals. But if you ask tourists, most of them want to have a taste of the local cuisine or at least have something to eat along the way to make the most of their stay. So they choose a package that will enable them to at least enjoy local cuisines. Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) will give you the best experience you’ll ever have. Try our Balloon and Wine Tour Package, which has the combination of Continue reading →

What to Do in Napa When You’re Here for One Day

You are wondering what to do in Napa Valley in case you’re here only for a day as a part of your weekend getaway. It is still possible to enjoy the sights and tastes that the Napa Valley offers even in a day, although you may want to pick and choose the sights and tastes you enjoy. You may want to start the day with a bang. How about sunrise hot air balloon flight? If you choose Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) to take care Continue reading →

Napa Valley Tours to Take from Morning to Evening

When you are planning Napa Valley tours, you will want to make the most out of from morning to evening. With its abundance of scenic countryside, wines, food, shopping and other activities, you should put Napa on your list of places to visit when you plan to travel to the Bay Area. Start the morning on a fine note. A hot air balloon adventure with Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) should jumpstart your day. Of course, you won’t leave for the adventure on an empty Continue reading →

Napa Wine Tour Packages – Without Breaking the Bank

Napa Valley is known to be expensive. However, you’ll be surprised to find several Napa wine tour packages that are budget-friendly. Napa can get quite overwhelming especially if it’s your first visit. To avoid getting staggered and confused, download the Napa Valley Winery Map ( to help you decide which wineries you want to visit while you’re in Napa. The map will help you plan your wine visits and tastings as well as limit your commuting/driving time and distance. Visit the Napa Valley Welcome Center Continue reading →

Wine Tour San Francisco – The Best Way to Sample Wine

Sampling wines, of course, is one of the essential activities of a wine tour in San Francisco. You may have seen TV or movie scenes where actors taste wines by swirling the wine, taking an intent look at it, and sniffing it with eyes closed before finally having a sip. You don’t need years of experience, formal training, or to be a sommelier to enable you to taste wine correctly. But when you have enough informal experience with wine, you will be able to tell Continue reading →

What to Expect from a First Wine Tour Near San Francisco?

If you haven’t been to Napa Valley or are a budding wine lover then you cannot pass up the chance to have your first wine tour near San Francisco. The “City by the Bay” is a good starting point for visiting neighboring areas such as the Napa Valley. As a first-timer you most likely will want guided tours, especially if you do not have a fixed or planned itinerary of your own. If you also want some adventure on your first Napa wine tour, a Continue reading →

Experience a Napa Tour Like Never Before

Planning a Napa tour is never that easy, because you will be faced with so many things to do! There’s so much to do in Napa Valley. Start by visiting the vineyards and the wineries. Then be sure to dine on your favorites – first-rate cuisine to roadside burgers. Take time to shop for souvenirs or artisanal food products and organic produce. You can also enjoy visiting museums or live performances, relax at a spa, take in some general sightseeing, and so much more. But Continue reading →

Fall Months Are Perfect for a Wine Tour in San Francisco

In our opinion, there’s really no bad season to do a wine tour in San Francisco. And the fall months are no exception. In fact, a lot of people who have gone to San Francisco and the neighboring Wine Country have attested that autumn is indeed the perfect season to visit. This may be true especially for the California wine country like the Napa Valley. Its endless rows of grapevines boast some of the most striking, dazzling colors anywhere you look. Each varietal changes itself Continue reading →