Find Out More about These Fun Activities in Napa

When you’re thinking about fun activities in Napa, you may imagine the beautiful Mediterranean climate and landscape, visiting wineries, and having pleasant conversations over a five-course fine dining meal. Although it is true that Napa Valley boasts some of the world’s excellent wines and top-rated, Michelin-starred cuisine, the region is definitely more than those! If you’re a wine lover, in particular, you’d certainly include Napa Valley on your bucket list! While you possibly cannot visit all of the regions’ over 400 wineries on a weekend Continue reading →

Get Married Anywhere but Honeymoon in Napa Valley

Most people get married where their own families live, or wherever that is convenient to them. But when it comes to planning their own honeymoon, newly wedded couples want to go somewhere far, somewhere exotic, or somewhere enchanting. A lot of newly married couples would like to honeymoon in Napa Valley, and it’s not a surprise why. Part of the reason Napa is chosen as a honeymoon destination is because of its scenic and often fairy-tale-like beauty, excellent cuisine, top-rated facilities, and fun things to Continue reading →

Napa Valley Vacation for Couples

When couples take a Napa Valley vacation, they’re in for a glorious treat. Napa Valley is an idyllic destination and retreat for any romantic pair who wants to take off from their own busy schedules or from their own humdrum day-to-day lives. And when they finally decide to head to Napa for a week-long holiday or for just a romantic and relaxing getaway, what a great choice will be! A lot of hotels and lodgings in Napa have plenty in store for couples. Most of Continue reading →

Family-Friendly Napa Wine Tour Packages

Napa Valley is not just for single adults or couples even though many people come for the Napa wine tour packages. Over the years, Napa has been upping its reputation as the world-class destination as a family-friendly holiday destination. You can even take your toddler with you in Napa too! Oftentimes, families have been listing Napa Valley as one of the places they would like to visit. To pull in more vacationing families, a lot of companies offer family-friendly Napa wine tour packages that come Continue reading →

Vacations in Napa Valley Can Be Spontaneous

Sometimes, you don’t really have to have a reason to pack up and head out for a getaway. For instance, vacations in Napa Valley can be really done on an impulse. It feels quite delightful, exciting, and refreshing to have spontaneous travels and to “get quite caught up in the moment” as it provides a sudden break in a boring routine. Spur-of-the-moment vacations or getaways in Napa Valley do not require much planning. Sometimes you plan them just a day or night before on a Continue reading →

Make a List of Fun Things to Do in Napa Valley

Because there are so many fun things to do in Napa Valley, you really have to plan ahead and list down the enjoyable activities that you’d really like to do while you’re in the area. Doing wine tours If you’re a wine lover, Napa Valley is your ultimate paradise! There are over 400 wineries spread across the region although the number of wineries in Napa Valley is smaller compared to other wine regions in the United States and the world. However, Napa’s wineries are all Continue reading →

Activities to Try in Napa Valley, California

There are many activities to try in the wine region of Napa Valley, California. It is about a 90-minute drive away from the city of San Francisco. Napa Valley is a wealth of many things — breathtaking landscape, food, activities and festivals, and wine grapes and wines, of course. But let’s say you’re done with the wine tasting at the most famous wineries and have dined at the popular restaurants, or danced the night away in downtown Napa clubs. So what else would you like Continue reading →

Finding Napa Valley Things to Do Is Easy

Finding lots of Napa Valley things to do is easy. But because of the wealth of sights, tastes and experiences that await every tourist, choosing which ones they should do first becomes a little bit difficult. But one thing that shouldn’t be left out of your Napa Valley travel list is, of course, wine tours. There are hundreds of wineries in Napa, most of them family-owned, so each of them offers a different and unique experience to every guest. If you’re on a short getaway Continue reading →

Vacations in Napa Valley – Enjoying Art and Wines on Vacation

Wines and art may be two different things, but during vacations in Napa Valley you’ll discover that wine and art can make a harmonious pairing. Don’t dismiss Napa Valley as another wine region, as it is also rich in history and culture. If wine and art are your two passions, you’ll find plenty of them here in Napa Valley! A lot of wineries in Napa boast magnificent classic and modern architecture that can be called a work of art themselves, thanks to the skill and Continue reading →

Fun Things to Do in Napa Valley Come Rain or Shine

Any time can be a good time for fun things to do in Napa Valley, depending on how you look at it. Even during the gloomiest season of the year. The winter season in Northern California may not be the typical snowy winter, but it occasionally experiences rains and showers. Rainy days in Napa may make you feel a little gloomy, but it doesn’t mean that the touring and fun days are over. Or if your scheduled trip to Napa meets an unexpected downpour, you Continue reading →