Seasonal Specials – Gift Certificate

Our gift certificates are discounted, pre-paid tickets which are non-refundable and fully transferable. Some restrictions may apply. Please contact us at (800)464.6824 to check availability if you are interested in a specific date and wish to purchase a gift certificate. If you are booked at this rate and we have to cancel due to weather we are more than happy to reschedule you, however it is a non-refundable purchase.

Our current 4th of July Flight Only Gift Certificate Special of $199 per person is valid for purchases between Jun 1st, 2017-July 8th, 2017.

Refund Policy

Gift certificates are non-refundable but are good for 1 yr after your purchase. Gift certificates are fully transferable. If you have any questions please contact us any time at (800)464.6824.


Not unlike airlines, Balloons Above the Valley limits ticketing levels per flight. Please make your reservations in advance to confirm that there is availability for the date you want to fly.

Refundable Tickets

Fully refundable tickets canceled at least 48 hours in advance can be purchased as our “Internet Special ($209)” or by calling our offices directly ($250).


We are eager to assist you. Feel free to contact us with any question at 800.464.6824