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Ways to Honeymoon in Napa Valley on a Budget

A honeymoon in Napa Valley will sure be a beautiful and memorable one — but it can really get pretty expensive! However, it is not impossible to have a honeymoon in the Wine Country on a budget — because you surely can, if you are smart, resourceful, and creative. Here are some tips to help you avoid paying the full price and still be able to enjoy a lovely honeymoon in Napa. First, you should decide what activities you want in your honeymoon. If you Continue reading →

Vacations in Napa Valley Can Be Spontaneous

Sometimes, you don’t really have to have a reason to pack up and head out for a getaway. For instance, vacations in Napa Valley can be really done on an impulse. It feels quite delightful, exciting, and refreshing to have spontaneous travels and to “get quite caught up in the moment” as it provides a sudden break in a boring routine. Spur-of-the-moment vacations or getaways in Napa Valley do not require much planning. Sometimes you plan them just a day or night before on a Continue reading →

Napa Tours You’ll Want to Experience Again

Visitors who have seen, experienced, and been enchanted by the Napa Valley may want to do Napa tours all over again. And you can’t blame them! Napa has definitely gone a long way from being an obscure, second-rate bunch of vineyards to one of the world-class wine regions of the world. And what could be a better way to experience the beautiful Napa countryside than in a thrilling and mesmerizing way, immersing yourself in wine education, sampling its cuisine, and making new friends along the Continue reading →

Napa Activities to Enjoy After Wine Tastings

There are many Napa activities to fill your time in the area, whether it’s a holiday or a short weekend getaway! You will never be bored when you visit the Wine Country. Napa Valley is more than visiting vineyards and wineries. With its breathtaking landscape and bucolic charm, you can do many other things in Napa besides tasting wines. Wine and art seem to flow seamlessly here in Napa. Did you know that can also see art at some of the wineries themselves? Some Napa Continue reading →

Make a List of Fun Things to Do in Napa Valley

Because there are so many fun things to do in Napa Valley, you really have to plan ahead and list down the enjoyable activities that you’d really like to do while you’re in the area. Doing wine tours If you’re a wine lover, Napa Valley is your ultimate paradise! There are over 400 wineries spread across the region although the number of wineries in Napa Valley is smaller compared to other wine regions in the United States and the world. However, Napa’s wineries are all Continue reading →

Enjoying a Successful Wine Tour Near San Francisco

A wine tour near San Francisco will make a great addition to your travels in and around the city. This is true especially if you want to escape the concrete jungle for a while, going to the Wine Country makes for an excellent and refreshing side trip! If you want to make the most of your travels in the Wine Country (while you’re staying in San Francisco), you might want to include a hot air balloon ride in the morning! For this reason, you shouldn’t Continue reading →

Choosing a Napa Wine Tour Package

Before, traveling to Napa Valley was only for the wealthy. But now it is made more accessible even to regular tourists, thanks to the idea of a Napa wine tour package. Several tourism and transportation agencies and related companies in Napa offer these amazing packages for everyone who wishes to experience the pleasures of vacationing in Napa. Of course, you can bet that all tourism companies have their own tour guides which are recommended for every traveler most especially first time visitors to the area. Continue reading →

Activities to Try in Napa Valley, California

There are many activities to try in the wine region of Napa Valley, California. It is about a 90-minute drive away from the city of San Francisco. Napa Valley is a wealth of many things — breathtaking landscape, food, activities and festivals, and wine grapes and wines, of course. But let’s say you’re done with the wine tasting at the most famous wineries and have dined at the popular restaurants, or danced the night away in downtown Napa clubs. So what else would you like Continue reading →

Wine Tours California: Arrive in Style

The lovely state of California offers a variety of climates and landscapes. It has famous beaches on the eastern coast, hot deserts in the southwest, snow-capped mountains and snowy trails in the northern and southern regions (during the winter), and a Mediterranean climate and scenery in the north. It’s like a world away after another in just one state! So it’s no question that California is a popular tourist destination. One of the things you wouldn’t want to miss is the wine tours in California, Continue reading →

Finding Napa Valley Things to Do Is Easy

Finding lots of Napa Valley things to do is easy. But because of the wealth of sights, tastes and experiences that await every tourist, choosing which ones they should do first becomes a little bit difficult. But one thing that shouldn’t be left out of your Napa Valley travel list is, of course, wine tours. There are hundreds of wineries in Napa, most of them family-owned, so each of them offers a different and unique experience to every guest. If you’re on a short getaway Continue reading →